Performance & Installation

Interactive performance at SchwuZ, 2023.
Berlin, Germany.

“Cuál Sísifo” x “In Psofos”
Performance by Zarahlena
with video art by Miguel Angel Rivera Benard
and live music by Enessima Ensemble,
Video Art Festival PROYECTOR 2022.
Madrid, Spain.

“Purify”, Performance at “HAEMA”, Gelegenheiten, 2019.
Berlin, Germany.

Installation at Swampfest Berlin, 2022.
Berlin, Germany.

Installation at Heal Her Festival CDMX, 2018.
Mecixo City.

“The witch within”
Performance at Berlin Feminist Film Week, 2017.
Berlin, Germany.

“When the heart is a lonely hunter”
Performance at Mobile Kino Camp, 2017.
Brandenburg, Germany.