Self Portrait Art

Nature: from life to death


The Luminarium Aeternus Project

The Luminarium Aeternus Project is an ongoing conceptual experiment in role reversal and exploration of the human body as canvas and temple.
The project began in 2015 from the desire to challenge the common trope of nude women being portrayed by male artists. Zarahlena set out as a female artist to photograph men in states of undress and vulnerability.
From Mexico to Argentina to Latvia to Germany and beyond, Zarahlena has shot tattooed men from different cultures and countries, adapting to each person and context through intimate portrait sessions. Entering the private spaces of her subjects, Zarahlena light-paints their modified bodies and photographs them with an analog pinhole camera.
On the surface, people behave in certain way according to their gender and presentation, but what happens when a woman takes power and goes beyond the skin within? When roles change, the experiment begins.


Bordello of Dreams