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Grant Activation: Healing through Collaboration.
A talk with Burning Man Project.
16th of March

What does healing look like at an individual or even community level? How might creativity and collaboration be a key to unlocking the answer to that question?


Heal Her is a participatory and expressive arts initiative for the collective healing and prevention of sexual/gender-based violence. Meeting in talking circles worldwide, this project creates rituals for transformative storytelling, consciousness-raising, and empathetic listening.

A 2018 Burning Man Global Arts Grant recipient, Heal Her works with artistic facilitators, therapists, and healers to provide creative, holistic methods for addressing sexual trauma, exploring how to take back power over our personal mythology, and building grassroots networks to support survivors. The project has held events and festivals around the world and most recently online.

Burning Man’s Global Activation Call Series highlights community-led projects and provokes conversations to inspire activation. In this call, we will explore how a diverse group of leaders leveraged their skills to develop a platform for healing through collaboration. This call may include content that is sensitive for some participants. The speakers will share how Covid-19 has influenced the program’s offerings, and how the work might evolve.

women exposed: online exhibition
8th of March – 25th of April

women exposed features artwork by female and non-binary artists exploring and portraying the feminine body in its sexual state. It explores topics including eroticism, pornography, identity and sexuality. The show aims to bring the female gaze into focus, and asks wether women see women differently.
women exposed invites the viewer to engage in a conversation about female sexuality, empowering women as both subject and object.
View the exhibition here:

Curated by Nadia Nervo

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