Zarahlena is a Berlin-based Mexican-German artist who explores identity and dualism through photography, performance, and yoga. Using art as a tool of self-recognition, Zarahlena has performed body suspensions, taken self-portraits, and modeled extensively.

Her work has been shown in public space, galleries, festivals, and alternative spaces, and has been featured in the international press. In 2017, after the earthquake of September 19th in Mexico City, she co-founded an aid group gathering donations and providing warm meals to the affected areas. Aim the following year, she co-organized Heal Her Festival CDMX, a five-day arts and healing festival addressing gender violence, which drew 125 participants and attracted national media coverage. 

Zarahlena specializes in artistic photography, ritual art, and cultural documentation. In addition to private commissions, her clients have included yoga studios, non-profit foundations, the Mexican Embassy in Germany, and the Ministry of Culture in Mexico. As an event photographer, she has documented the heavy music scene at shows and festivals in Europe and America. Both her yoga and artistic practice operate under the principle of honoring the darkness as something sacred.

Exhibitions & Performances

*Solo exhibitions


  • “Women Exposed”. Online Exhibition.
  • “Grant Activation: Healing through collaboration”. A talk with Burning Man Project.
  • China Biennial. Online exhibition. (Video screening).


  • Swampfest Berlin.
  • “Purify”, with Femina Non Grata, at Haema, Interdisciplinary Art Show. Berlin, Germany. (Performance)


  • Coordenada Azul, at public space gallery from Universidad La Salle. Mexico City
  • Heal Her Festival, at Casa Viva. Mexico City
  • “Simetría”, at Metro Station Candelaria. Mexico City. (Project by Fundación Jorge Marin)
  • “Simetría”, at Insituto Cervantes. Berlin, Germany. (Project by Fundación Jorge Marin)


  • A Night of Ritual, Performance & Body Art” hosted by Superfly Suspension Crew. Berlin
  • Luminarium Aeternus Project, at Titanen Piercing Atelier. Berlin*
  • Lupercalia. Berlin.
  • “When the Heart is a Lonely Hunter”, at Mobile Kino Camp. Brandenburg, Germany. (Performance)
  • “The Witch Within”, with Femina Non Grata, at Berlin Feminist Film Week. Berlin. (Performnace)

2010 - 2016

  • “The Eroticism of Pain” (El erotismo del dolor), at Anual Psychology Seminar of University of San Luis Potosí, Mexico
  • No Title, at Rusty Pigfoot Tattoo, Berlin*
  • Succuba, at FERATUM Horror, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Film Festival, Michoacan, Mexico
  • No title, at Plumero Galeria, Mexico City 
  • No Title, at Onirico Galeria y Taller, Mexico City
  • No title, at Escuela Activa de Fotografía, Mexico City





2010 - 2016

  • Photo Vogue Italy
  • Skin Magazine, UK
  • Eccentric Edge Magazine
  • Spleen! Journal, Mexico
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