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Zarahlena is a Mexican-German artist who explores identity through analog and digital photography, performance, and yoga.
Her photography plays with opposing themes of light and dark, power and weakness, life and death. Using art as tool for self-recognition , she has performed body suspensions, takes self-portraits and modeled extensively.
Besides private clients, Zarahlena has worked as photographer for Yoga Studios, Foundations, the Mexican Embassy, the Ministry of Culture in Mexico and the State of Berlin. She runs a DIY Blog for Art, Culture and Heavy Music called Coyote Doom Blog and as an event photographer, she has documented heavy music scenes at shows and festivals in Europe and America.
Having grown up in a bi-cultural family and on two continents, has allowed her to create an eclectic vision, special and different from what we know, representing it in her images.
Both her yoga and artistic practice operate under the principle of honoring the darkness as something sacred.